If you wish to contact me about an event, product or sample please feel free to contact me at

I am over 50 and in the third age of my life taking Early Retirement at 55. I am receptive to contact. I will happily review any products. I am not shy, very chatty and media friendly.

Specialist subjects are:

  • Fashion for the over 50’s carrying weight around the middle.
  • The trials and tribulations of losing weight during the menopause.
  • Women in football in any capacity, spectator, player, journalist, staff.
  • Beauty products that are age appropriate.
  • Supporting Parents and families with a newborn in NICU and recommending gift ideas gift ideas
  • Product reviews and gift ideas for over 50’s – e.g. your mother, father, Aunt, uncle or older relative
  • Use of Social Media in the 3rd age of life – I have written a piece for a client –Here is the link: –

All views expressed on here are entirely my own, all discussions about the menopause and coping strategies are purely based on my own experiences

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