Using Social Media Over 50 and in retirement


Thoughts on using Social Media over 50

My love for Social Media

Using Social Media Over 50 is becoming more the norm but I think I’m addicted  – At least that’s what my nearest and dearest tell me! My husband says he always have to talk to me over the lid of a laptop or tablet, but when he wants some titbit of information he encourages me to get on my computer thingy to see what I can find out. He is 57 and doesn’t engage with social media independently despite my encouragement, nor my brother who is 66. In fact he is distinctly suspicious of the whole idea of Social Media. They only hear the negative experiences of social media e.g. cyber bullying, hacking. I can’t preach enough about what a marvellous invention it is. Since I’ve retired I’ve found it to be invaluable – life changing in fact. I have used it to keep in touch with friends and family, keep up to date with news , help me prepare for a house move and indulge my favourite hobbies and save money.

Using Social Media Over 50 has benefits


To expand on this I will give some personal examples: • Keeping in touch with family and friends: Since retirement I have now joined the ranks of ‘ladies that lunch’ . Making times and dates to meet up is so much easier using social media – we use Facebook and Twitter so when arranging a day, time and venue we use group chat facility. We can all converse together, chat and make decisions of where and when – often the choice of venue is something one of us has seen advertised on a social media posting. Before using this medium of communication it would take a whole round of telephone calls to arrange – doing it this way saves time and money – can all be done timely and painlessly. • Keeping up with the news – I find Twitter to be super fast at posting any breaking news items – almost on the spot news – information is shared as soon as it happens. My husband will tell me something newsworthy and I can more often than not – reply “Yes – I know I saw it on Facebook/Twitter last night!” I’m a huge football fan, my team is Manchester City, and player injuries, gossip, team announcements are all announced first on social media. • I am moving house and with also being newly retired I see this as the perfect time to declutter and finally organise my life and home. Never having been the best at this I needed some resources to help me and boy have I found some and it’s all on YouTube – this seriously is my latest addiction. There isn’t a single bit of information that cannot be found on there. There are video demonstrations about everything to do with organisation. I am now subscribed to some great channels, who have provided me with fabulous hints and tips. A lot of the advice on storage and organisation are done on a budget too – so vital in retirement – we all want to see our hard earned money go further – I have now even found a fabulous new way to fold clothing in drawers for maximum usage of space and making clothes more visual – no more rooting looking for that one top you know is buried somewhere! My new mantra is “creating order leads to a more productive lifestyle which in turn leads to feelings of calmness and peacefulness”

Have I convinced you

So, I hope you’ve got the message – Social Media is not just for the young! To all of you retirees – go on give it a go – don’t be scared it really is your best friend and helps save you money – there is no need to buy a daily paper – the information and articles you want are all here. My local paper The Manchester Evening News publishes all its headline stories first on Social Media. There is a definite place for Using Social Media Over 50

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Are you a social media addict like me or do you feel that it’s not cool in your 50’s and retirement to engage in these platforms of communication? Let me know your views I’d love to hear from you.

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Are trainers acceptable footwear for women over 50?

Comfortable shoes are a must over 50 - trainers can look fabulous depending on how they are worn

Comfortable footwear is essential for most women over 50

Comfortable footwear is an essential for many women over 50. Years of heels and working as a nurse takes it toll on feet. Trainers provide the most comfort  so my question is what makes trainers acceptable footwear. On the face of it the answer to that question is a resounding NO!

Is this because the statement conjours up images of slovenly women wearing shell suits and dirty trainers with unwashed, untidy hair.

This is a subject I’ve thought about a lot in the past 12 months and  think I have come to the conclusion that trainers are acceptable footwear for this age group of women.

When I was younger I was very fit and active, regularly going to the gym and walking a lot. Even having a spell of running ompleting the Manchester 10K road race in 2007. My one and only race at this distance at the grand age of 47! I was very proud of that achievement, however since then I have been less active for various reasons and ashamed to say that I carry a few more pounds than I’d like to.

Many reasons for this include I developed a chronic back problem, an occupational injury, I received physio and medical advice, encouraging me to continue to be active apart from running. At work my role and hours changed, crippling shifts had a negative impact on my lifestyle – a contributing factor for taking Early Retirement. I also developed Plantar Fasciitis – an extremely painful foot condition. After a Podiatry assessment the advice was to wear trainers, specifically running trainers,  at work due to spending the whole of my 13 hour shift on my feet. A prescribed reason to make trainers acceptable footwear

Are trainers acceptable footwear

Uniform policy dictated that they must be plain black or white with no obvious logo – a difficult task. They were a godsend providing so much more comfortable at work. I then bought a second pair to wear at home. After all when I fretired my aim was to be more active

Whilst purchasing my trainers I saw that there were so many attractively coloured designs available this got me thinking what makes trainers acceptable footwear for a woman of 55.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned in any of my posts that I am a shoeaholic -probably owning around 70 pairs at any one time. So thinking about footwear is something I do a lot! I have a vast array of comfortable smart shoes . Increasing age increases the need for comfortable shoes.  Could trainers look smart or stylish.

However I began to look at what women of my age were wearing on their feet. On trips to London and The Lake District I noticed more and more that trainers were being worn. What finally clinched it for me and finally made me decide that they are suitable was our recent winter holiday to Fuerteventura in January.

Its not the type of footwear but how they are worn that make trainers acceptable footwear

So what decided it for me was how trainers were worn, by that  what they were worn with. Spanish women over 50 wear trainers, brightly coloured ones too. I noted that mature women from other European countries wear them with style and panache. One particular lady, who looked in her 60’s daily came for a coffee at our hotel coffee shop with her husband.  Wearing bright yellow trainers bordering on fluorescent she looked fabulous. She had grey hair cut in a shapely bob, each day she wore a light mac or a loose black and white tunic with a chic scarf and large sunglasses. Also wearing black cropped trousers. I was envious of how stylish she looked  bright trainers enhanced her look and style. It was this stylish mature lady that convinced me  I could go ahead and buy more trainers colourful ones too!

Bright colourful trainers on holiday make Trainers acceptable footwear

Trainers acceptable footwear for this over 50

So ladies over 50 the key is what you wear your trainers with rather than the trainers dictating the style – bin the baggy tracksuit pants. Wear them with style and pride and most importantly with COMFORT! In conclusion this makes Trainers acceptable footwear.

I bought my trainers on holiday and luckily had a pair of black cropped leggings and a loose black tunic t shirt. I wore them one day and think I looked alright! and I am my biggest, harshest critic. I’ve included a photo for you to make your own judgement. More importantly I had no pain or discomfort in my feet and really enjoyed my daily walk around the resort and along the sea front.
 Trainers acceptable footwear with the right clothes

I would be interested to know your thoughts or opinions on my blog. Comments are very welcome and I will try to reply to each one.

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A Blue Moo’s views – 3 Things I’ve learned about Manchester City FC w/e 22nd Nov 2015

  1. When we are bad we are awful Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini: “Today we did it all wrong – the performance, the way we defended, the way we went forward. It was a fake night, a fake game. It is difficult to understand.

    “If we meant to do it on purpose we couldn’t have done it that badly. We tried to make changes and have some options to score. We tried to fight but continued making so many mistakes with the ball.”

2) Yaya Toure has a problem with multi tasking – in my opinion he rarely has a good game when he is Captain. This week against Liverpool he was totally ineffective.

3) Sergio Aguero was worth every penny – nothing new here but still felt I needed to say it. “Sergio, Sergio!”

World Prematurity Day is an annual event in November

World Prematurity Day – a personal tribute


On World Prematurity Day I just had to give it a mention after working in Neonatal care for around 30 years. Even though retired I still work some part time hours in the field. In fact I am writing this brief post as I have a brew in bed post night shift!
Throughout my time it has been a privilege to work with such fine specimens of humanity – the babies!
When I’ve told people what I do many people have commented “oh that must be hard” “that must be sad” but no. It’s quite the contrary –  it’s uplifting and inspiring.
These little beings that arrive at the most inconvenient times, many weeks early are as tough as teak. Parents and families are scared of their small size and shiny skin, many looking like little skinned rabbits in the early hours after birth. Those of us who care for them aren’t, we know they are strong, tough, durable and will fight to do what’s necessary to cling to life. Sadly some don’t get to stay here but have to join the heavenly band of angels, but the majority make it in the end.
They have my utmost respect and I am in awe of them and families facing Prematurity.
Many of the babies I cared for in my early career are now parents themselves, some are fine big rugby players, clever, talented adults.

Parents as well cope with more than they think they can. Premature births often happen when a mother of family also have another traumatic event going on – these preterm babies don’t care! Mother can be days away from a house move, death of a close family member, another child already in hospital. The birth of a tiny, frail baby is another burden they fear they cannot cope with – but they do! They manage to deal with a whole host of things whilst still managing to visit daily, sometimes for a stay of over 100 days. They do remain sane and come out smiling.

The professionals who work in the field, support these fragile tiny bodies as if they were a family member, they listen to stressed parents, wipe away tears of sadness and laughter, encourage parents to have some ‘me’ time. These professionals also grieve with bereaved parents and celebrate with parents as tiny milestones are reached.

I salute you all today – please feel free to contact me with any comments

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