I’m Elaine, A Proud Mancunian and I have worked as a nurse on the Frontline of the NHS for 36 years, 32 of those as a neonatal nurse. I reached the age of 55 in July 2015 and was eligible for early retirement which I grasped with both hands.

I now view the world from a different perspective. Instead of frantically dashing around with never enough hours in the day,  I can now savour life and take joy in everyday tasks and everyday occurrences. I don’t just look at life –

I SEE it. And in my opinion Early Retirement Rocks!

I don’t think I’m your average 55 year old female. I’ve always been a little eccentric and a tomboy with a feminine edge! 

I like all the social media side of life – I try to get to grips with modern technology – not like my OH who is a total dinosaur around these things – even hates to carry a mobile phone.but I must not forget to give him credit for his deft skills with the TV and Sky remote, a wizard with that!  – Bless Him…. in fact I’ve just celebrated 30 years of marriage to the dinosaur in question, we are happily childless. That doesn’t make me a child hater – the opposite as I am devoted to my nieces, nephews and great nieces and nephews.

My interests are My Husband, Football – especially Manchester City FC, Fashion, Food, Cosmetics , Manchester, Shopping, Cooking, Home, Travel, reading and entering competitions.

Oh and I also like an occasional flutter on the horses, football and a game of Poker!

Likes: Football, Food – especially dining out, A glass of Fizz or a G&T, jewellery, clothes, shoes – I own around 80 pairs! Nail Polish, candles, cooking, Glossy magazines, home decor, Travel – Croatia, Spain, USA, Black and White Hollywood movies, The Internet -especially social media and YouTube,  Humour- love Peter Kay, Julie Walters, Open All Hours, the Royle Family. Manchester

Dislikes: Bad Manners, Cosmetic surgery, Science Fiction, Fantasy fiction, Anti -NHS publicity, dirty finger nails, chipped nail polish, straggly beards, animal cruelty, laziness, negative people – oh and Manchester United!


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