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About Me – Who am i?

About me

Hello I’m Elaine, A Proud Mancunian and I have worked as a nurse on the Frontline of the NHS for 36 years, 32 of those as a neonatal nurse. Having reached the age of 55 in July 2015 and eligible for early retirement I grasped this opportunity with both hands. As a result I now view the world from a different perspective. rather than frantically dashing around with never enough hours in the day,  In contrast I now savour life and take joy in everyday tasks and everyday occurrences. I don’t just look at life –

I SEE it. And in my opinion Early Retirement Rocks!

Describing myself as a tomboy with a feminine edge! I’m not your average 55 year old female. I’ve always been a little eccentric read more about me and what I can offer you

Over 30 years experience in Maternity care,

Initially as a Midwife and then as a Neonatal Nurse. I can provide information and guidance on the following

  • Supporting parents and families with a sick newborn or preterm babies in NICU.
  • I have the ability to demystify Maternity Care and Hospital procedures
  • Suggest gift ideas for the NICU resident
  • Review Newborn products from a  professional perspective.
  • I am happy to contribute and collaborate on similar issues.

Football It’s not just for boys

I am passionate about football from a female supporters viewpoint

  • I am happy collaborate on topics related to female football fans
  • Contribute guest posts about me and what females love about the wonderful sport

The Menopause

Currently experiencing the joys and tribulations of the Menopause with all the symptoms associated with this my main topics are about my personal struggles.

  • Weight gain around the middle – as a result dressing to disguise it
  • Thinning hair – therefore trying and testing products to improve the look and texture
  • Anxiety in the menopause – developing coping strategies furthermore how this impacts on my life
  • How Brain Fog in the Menopause affects your work life – how I dealt with this


Having retired early from the NHS at 55 I love to share lifestyle ideas and my experiences of budgeting, all about me and my personal viewpoint

  • How to continue a Champagne lifestyle on half my previous earnings. I can share my experiences and provide hints and tips
  • Review places to see and visit
  • I am able provide age appropriate product reviews and gift ideas for your Mother, Father, Aunts , Uncles, Grandparents and older friends and relatives.

I am happy to hear from you please email me anytime




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