Valentines Day gift ideas for the mature man

Even though we have been married for 33 years this year romance is certainly not dead in this house. Don’t get me wrong – we’re not sloppy or slushy – in fact the opposite – we have a jovial relationship and affectionately send up each others little quirks!

When choosing a Valentines gift for John this year – I am planning on buying gifts of a higher quality than usual because this year John is celebrating his 60th Birthday – I think that entitles him to a years worth of treats. We usually just buy a token gift such as a CD or a T shirt – he collects T Shirts like I collect shoes! Also we are going on our first Cruise this year around the Greek Islands so a couple of choices are with that in mind.

To help me choose I visited website and created a Mood Board to provide me with inspiration. Here are my choices – for the more mature man in a milestone year who is a chocohoic, including gifts of a humerous nature i.e Silver Dinosaur Cufflinks for my technophobe Dinosaur!

Debenhams Valentines Gifts for Men by Elaine Fitzpatrick

You will be able to edit this mural.

Ben Sherman T Shirt Crossbody bag Laurent Perrier Champagne Sweet Hamper Tom Ford aftershave Black leather belt Silver Dinosaur cufflinks

Let em know what you are buying your old dinosaur comment below or email


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