18 Things I want to do in 2018


This year will be my first complete year in retirement from my long nursing career that spanned 38 years. It is also a big Birthday year for my husband John, he will be 60 in October. I cannot believe he is this age already – we have been together 37 years and the time has flown. he may look an ageing balding guy to many but to me he is still the young lad I met.

For these reasons I would like to achieve new experiences and goals plus share lovely moments throughout the year with John.

Here are 18 that I can think of today – not in any particular order of importance.

  1.  Start a Vlog – well in fact I have started it – what I really mean is build it by filming and publishing regular content. Not sure anyone will want to listen to the ramblings of  a 57 year old woman but hey!
  2. Continue this Blog
  3. John isn’t in to owning loads of material posesions or gadgets – he prefers building memories. Therefore for his Birthday we are planning our first ever Cruise Holiday – destination and cruise line yet to be decided.
  4. De clutter my home office and keep it tidy and organised. I look on wistfully at other bloggers and home workers desks and they give me Desk Envy. Mine is a disgrace – and I’m ashamed of it. I know that there is a saying along the lines of a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind and I think its so true!
  5. With that last point in mind I need to become more organised and productive.
  6. Enjoy my Winter holiday – we have spent a week in Fuerteventura in January for the last 10 years – this year is no different. Its very uplifting to experience some sun to fill the lull after Christmas and New Year
  7. Attend a Cup Final at Wembley with my beloved Team Manchester City – I hope it will be the Carabao Cup as we are at the semi final stage. The FA Cup Final is off my radar as its my Great nephew Alfies 1st Communion on FA Cup Final day and family must come first.
  8. See my beloved Manchester City lift the Champions League Trophy – wow that is a biggie! I love following my team and being in a football stadium. I love to experience atmospheres, smells and sounds – as well as watch on TV. However as this years final is in the Ukraine I don’t think any of my family who I attend matches want to travel. If we were to make the final I am planning a family evening – 3 generations watching together sharing a historic moment for the family and club. I am planning food and a gazebo with banners etc.
  9. Re visit Vilamoura in Portugal – I visited for the first time last year with my friends Janette and Joanne. It was early in the season and quiet but I’m sure John would enjoy it. I’m hoping to plan a weekend visit. If I could fund it by competition prizes that would be a bonus.
  10. Walk every day – even if it’s just to the Post Office. I love my house so much that I can stay in for days during the week therefore I’m becoming lazy.
  11. Dine out in a Michelin starred restaurant – we are both foodies and this is an ambition of ours. There are none in Manchester – so it will involve a nice overnight stay somewhere. Restaurant and destination to be decided.
  12. Visit Oxford – this has been on my wish list for over 10 years since I spent a morning there on an organised trip to The Hampton Court Flower show with friends. I loved it – especially as I loved the TV series Morse. I aspire to stay in The Randolph.
  13. Try a new recipe every week – doesn’t have to be a gourmet offering. I used to love to cook but again I’ve become lazy and stick to my old tried and tested repetoire of meals.
  14. Build a capsule wardrobe. I have far too many clothes – drawers and wardrobes full of stuff I continue to buy in the hope that I look better and they’ll make me look slimmer. I study loads of blogs, vlogs and Pinterest boards about this subject.  I made a start by visiting a Personal Shopper at Debenhams at the start of December who kick started it. Now to get rid of the rest!
  15. Attend at least 6 shows/plays at the theatre this year. I love theatre and with living in Manchester there are always plenty on offer. I do get to see a few a year and since I’ve been retired I like to go to an afternoon matinee, I’m often happy to go alone. I aim to make this a regular thing and to try and atttend a show at least every 8 weeks. If I could build a West End show into this that would be a bonus.
  16. Continue to improve and expand my online selling businesses – Ebay, Etsy and Amazon FBA – my new income streams in retirement. I registered as self employed with HMRC in February of last year and just submitted my 1st self assessment. Its been a learning curve but I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I hope to double my income/output this year but by working smarter NOT harder
  17. Visit Blackpool illuminations! Blackpool was our childhood holiday destination with my parents. Sadly it suffered a decline in appearance and fortunes. John and I always visited and stayed at Easter when we were courting (that word gives away my age doesn’t it!). In recent years we have started to revisit for days, particularly in Winter, and stroll along the prom in a bracing wind – makes you feel alive. We haven’t been to the illuminations since we were in our teens.  This year we intend to spend an evening there – park up and walk the length with of course the obligatory Fish and Chips in paper!
  18. Now I’ll end with the C Word! I have never been to London during the festive season – I would love to do all the traditional things – shop at Harrods, See the lights on Oxford Street etc. I think this will be a girlie activity – not Johns thing at all – he hates  bustling crowds.

Anyway – they may not be the most exciting things to do but they are personal to me.

Have you got a list of things to do? If so I would love to hear from you – comment below or drop me an email 

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