Happy New Year – its been a long time yet again- getting my MOJO back

Well Happy New Year all and welcome to 2018.

I’m ashamed to say that yet again its been along time since my last post.  3 months in fact!

I can make thousands of excuses but in reality I’ve been multi tasking far too much to the extent that my productivity has taken a nose dive in many areas, not just blogging but in keeping a clutter free desk, mind, wardrobes etc. My competition entries have continued at a steady level but have been less than in previous years. I thought when I retired I would have more time to comp and my prizes would increase too. I find that now I have more free time I fit more in! I’m not complaining – I’m loving life. I have stopped doing any nursing shifts since September and I think that the curtain has now finally closed on my nursing career. I will elaborate more on my thoughts and feelings about this in another post.

I don’t want this to sound like a negative post – in fact I have achieved many positive things this year. I have started to build a part time business as an Ebay reseller and this is building gradually rose to a level I wish to maintain it at comfortably.  I know, I know how can I be retired if I’m doing this? I don’t really see this as a job – more a lucrative hobby that keeps the grey cells active and introduces me to new experiences.

I have become addicted to YouTube and watch hours of vloggers. I love watching at any opportunity. There are a few that have become firm favourites – both here in the UK and in the US. So much so that I have taken tentative steps into the world of vlogging and posted a couple of videos of my own – I hope to increase my output throughout the year.

Another activity I have taken part in is enrolling with an Agency to become a TV Extra or Background Artist as they are known today. I have had 3 jobs this year – all in different settings. There is very little money in doing this but it I do it for new experiences in life, in fact many of the other artists I have worked alongside also do it in retirement for the same reasons.

As you can tell I love to try new experiences with my new found free time and freedom.

As I’ve had 3 months free from paid employment as a Nurse I’ve had time to reflect and think about the way forward for me this year.

Restarting this blog is one of my goals.

Have any of you started something new last year that you wish to continue in this years goals – I’d love to hear from you – if only to know that you’re out there and I have an audience

Please feel free to Comment and also contact me via email earlyretirmentrocks@gmail.com

Have fun in 2018


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