Well it’s been a long time hasn’t it?

As you can see I haven’t written a post all year – how bad is that? Call myself a blogger!

I can think of a million excuses but I think this year has been a bit of a turning point for me. At the grand old age of 57 I think I can honestly say that I don’t think you ever know who you really are – life and ideas are constantly evolving. You have to adapt to relationships, life stressors and your work commitments.

From my late 40’s my main driving force was my goal off retiring from the BHS at the age of 55. I loved my career but once I’d got to a senior position the good of it quickly wore off, working conditions in the BHS became much more challenging and I wasn’t getting any younger.

Once I’d retired I continued to working part time capacity whilst I eased into retirement. I had ideas about what I may do and these constantly evolved too. Blogging became one of the things that I thought may suit me and my lifestyle. I fabled for a while and decided it was very hard work! I could come up with plenty of ideas to write about but when it came down to writing my posts and publishing nothjngbhappened my brain went into mush. Like a lot of things in my life I was over thinking instead of being spontaneous.

Therefore I let it for quite a while. However I have now reinvented myself a little bit more. I have been establishing a new part time career as an ebay reseller, plus starting an etsy shop selling Vintage fashions and accessories. I can honestly say that I am loving it! Think I was made for this type of role. How this came about is an article and post in itself. Needles to say my small business is building slowly and steadily. I don’t want it to become massive as I still wish to have plenty of free time. I feel this role reflects many facets of the real me!

during the year I have had some fabulous experiences, a girlie holiday with 2 of my closest friends. Holidays and trips away with my lovely husband – we have just celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. Quality family time and lots of opportunities to be a lady that lunches with friends. Plus I have continued to enter competitions and have won some nice prizes and follow my beloved Manchester City.

I now hope to continue with my blog – it may be a series of shorter posts – I have to work it for me. I am also going to start a video blog – I love talking and can be much more spontaneous,. My first video has already been recorded – I just need to edit it – challenging to say the least and publish.

Anyway thanks for reading.

Can anyone relate to this? I would love to read your comments- please feel free to give me any advice or just say hi to let me know you’re still there!

My email is earlyretirementrocks@gmail.com or comment below.

See you soon Elaine