Bloggers #Christmasbeautybrawl16 Day 9

My penultimate post of this 10 day beauty brawl. Today’s topic is hand cream. As a nurse this has been a beauty staple throughout my career. Constant hand washing and use of alcohol hand rubs has seriously taken its toll at times – see my post about nails
Through use of all these harsh skin cleansing products I have also developed some severe skin sensitivities which took me nearly two years to correct with the use of topical steroids and dermatology input. Thankfully now that period in my life is over but my hands still dry out and become sore quickly. My favourite products have been from the Body Shop – Hemp hand cream and the now no longer available Hawthorn hand cream. Also Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour creams are fabulous.

For my review I’m trialling Endless Glove from Soap and Glory – I acquired this through a competition promotion run by Soap and Glory.  It is described as a 2-1 Moisture mask and hand cream. It can be used as a hand cream alone or massaged into your hands before bed and worn with or without cotton gloves for a deep treatment.

The product description is:
Soap And Glory ENDLESS GLOVE is a new 2-IN-1 MOISTURE MASK and LUXURY HAND CREAM that is so marvelous, it’s miraculous. Formulated with EIGHT-OIL AQUA WRAP, VITAFADE-BC, MACADAMIA & GRAPESEED OILS, POMEGRANATE & SHEA BUTTERS, it creates a deeply protective moisture barrier on the skin and works for 12 hours after you apply it. It’s a dry skin moisturiser for even the flakiest feelers leaving them smooth, luscious & velvety soft.

I have used it solely as a cream applying during the day when required or after having washed up!  My scores are:

Packaging: 80/100 It’s in the instantly recognisable pink packaging of Soap and Glory. It’s a nice size – I have the 50ml size which fits nicely in a handbag.

Price:  I’m unable to score it on price as mine was free and whilst researching this product it appears to be unavailable at the moment.

Product: 90/100  I liked this product – it applies well and soaks in quickly without being too greasy. My hands felt soft and smooth for a long time after application. It has a very pleasant, not overpowering, fragrance.

Thank you for dropping in to read this review. Please feel free to comment or contact me by email I love to know you’re out there. And remember to hop over to Victoria’s blog before you go.





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