Bloggers – #Christmasbeautybrawl16

I hope you are enjoying this beauty collaboration led by Beth of La Blog Beaute  If you wish to know more about it please read my introduction for full details of what it is and who’s involved.
Day 6 and the review is for a brow product.

Brows are ‘the thing’ lately but I’m from an era where we plucked them to death and consequently I have thin brows that can’t be resurrected. However I don’t ignore them completely and appreciate that well tamed brows can frame your face and take years off. I have been using a brow product that I like but decided to try an alternative.

My product is Bourjois Paris Brow Duo

The description of this product is : Bourjois’ Brow Duo pencil is a 2-in-1 eye brow pencil and highlighter.
Reshape and define brows with the powder pencil, then brighten eyes and lift brows with the creamy highlighter.
Ensure you have perfect brows everyday with this versatile brow duo pencil.
Bourjois combines quality and expertise with an element of joie de vivre to ensure every product is of the highest quality and result.

I thought I would try this because of the added highlighter.

I wasn’t keen on this at all when I tried it. The brow pencil was average, it did not match up to the product I was using previously. The highlighter was OK but not as dazzling as I expected. I felt it all looked a bit ‘obvious’ – like the brows of my mothers era.

My scores are:

Packaging: 60/100 Quite a dull looking product -nothing to make it stand out

Price: 70/100 At £6.99 I think it is quite a lot for what it is.
Product: 60/100 As I said I was hoping for a better look from the duo but they looked a bit obvious – like the old pencilled in eyebrows of my mothers era.
Thanks for reading and please come back tomorrow for my next review. Also please visit Victoria’s blog to see her product. 


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