Blue Moo’s Musings – A female fans view of Manchester City FC

Well what can I say! If you’re going to read on I will quote the late great Bette Davis in All About Eve – ‘hang on to your hats it’s going to be a bumpy ride’
Like many other blues this morning I am not a happy bunny. However my anger may be for different reasons than others.

  1. Yes the referee Anthony Taylor was pants and the two red cards at the end were disappointing but my main anger is because we seem to be going backwards under Pep! Football’s a simple game – you put the ball in the net at one end and stop it going in at the other! We seem to be able to do neither this season. What is going on! Pep came with the reputation of being a tactical genius but in my opinion you can experiment with all the formations you like and try and out fox your oppositions but of you cannot score or keep a clean sheet the rest is a waste of time!
  2. Some of our individual players are lacking in ability and skill but I thought Pep had the ability to make the team greater than the sum of its parts. This is not the case and some of our best players seem to be suffering badly. Sergio is the best example. I know I’ve talked about him before in an earlier post. But I’m going to talk about him again. He is not a happy boy at the moment – I still feel something has unsettled him which is affecting his form. I am not angry with him for his tackle – I think it shows passion. If the team lost and the players just slunk off the pitch without showing any emotions we’d say they didn’t care. I am however sad that he will miss games and be punished heavily, which will not help his current situation nor do anything to improve his happiness. There are some man management issues at the club in my humble opinion. I may not be a football manager but I’ve seen enough poor management over my care in the NHS to spot the signs. I hope something seriously changes to improve this worrying situation.
  3.  I hate to criticise an individual player in any depth but unfortunately I fell the acquisition of Claudio Bravo has been an absolute disaster. I cannot see any positives in his play and I feel overall that the way Joe Hart was discarded and pushed aside has brought bad Karma to the club. I fail to see why he has been preferred to Joe, unless as I say there are other issues at play in the background e.g. discrediting big players by the manager. When an opposing player runs at Claudio for a one on one, you know there’s only going to be one outcome – Yes! a goal for the opposing team. Joe Hart would have stopped at least one of the goals yesterday. He wasn’t Golden Glove for winning a raffle prize. he was awarded the accolade for stopping goals going in! In criticising Claudio Bravo I also have to say I actually feel sorry for him as well. It must be soul destroying to be criticised every game. He’s almost been hung out to dry.
  4. I’ve been following City since 1976 and seen some low points in the clubs history but I’ve always enjoyed going to games, at the moment though I’m not enjoying this season at all – maybe its because expectations from the media and others were so high at the beginning. If I hadn’t paid to watch the Celtic game on Tuesday I’m ashamed to say that I wouldn’t go and I say that with a heavy heart. But I will bounce back and be enthusiastic again next week! Oh and I will be there on Tuesday barring extremes in weather conditions. What makes me feel even more sad is that I’m not alone. Walking back to the car on Saturday listening to fellow blues it’s clear the majority are unhappy and disillusioned with Pep too. Blues of all ages too -those of us who are more mature are prepared for disappointment and are prepared to give things time to work, but there’s a new younger breed of blue out there who are not of the same mindset. having said that it was all ages who were complaining on my long 1.5 mile walk back to the car. I hope things improve soon.
  5. On a positive side after looking out of the game initially there were signs of what Leroy Sane can do to defences. A couple of really good runs, just a shame that just as he was getting started he was bizarrely substituted for Gail Clichy.

Anyway I think I’ve ranted written enough. I’m not yet ready to iron my creased Bring back Mancini banner! Please feel free to comment – even if you think I’m a crazy old bag!

See you next week


Keeping the Faith since 1976


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