Bloggers #ChristmasBeautybrawl day 4

I hope you are enjoying this beauty collaboration led by Beth of La Blog Beaute  If you wish to know more about it please read my introduction for full details of what it is and who’s involved.
So here we are at day 4 already. Today we are reviewing mascara. I love mascara. When I was younger people always commented on my long lashes. However, like most things in my middle age – ‘ things ain’t what they were!’ As well as my hair becoming thinner so have my eyelashes. I have had lash extensions applied for holidays etc however they are never a success – they drop off quickly. In fact on one holiday I came back looking like Malcom McDowell in a Clockwork Orange. (If you dont know who that is then click here ) If I apply false lashes I can look like a pantomime dame.Therefore I like to find a mascara that can enhance what I have.

I am reviewing a high end mascara Diorshow mascara by Christian Dior. I got this on offer when I was purchasing other products from Dior and I’m a sucker for an offer!

I always used to be an advocate for Lancome Defencils but in recent years I’ve found drugstore mascara’s from Maybelline and L’Oreal to be the best so I was happy to try another high end product.
It claims to be a Buildable professional volume mascara, lash extension effect.

After trying it I don’t think I’ll buy it again. It didn’t look better than the drug store ones I’ve been using. In fact my current mascara Rimmel Miss Hippy or L’Oreal Superstar are far better. My scores theefore are:

Packaging: 70/100 Nothing special – plain black with some silver embellishment. The best bit is the Dior logo.

Product: 80/100 – Good coverage, doesnt clump with a nice brush but nothing spectacular. I didn’t feel it delivered what it claimed.
Price: 60/100  – at £25 in my opinion it’s not worth that money.

So thats my review for today. Short and sweet! Thanks for reading, before you go why not look at Victoria’s blog Victorialifeoncamera to see what mascara she’s reviewed today. Also don’t forget to come back tomorrow for Day 5 when we’re reviewing a blusher.

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