Blue Moo’s Musings – a female fans view of Manchester City FC

Short and sweet this week.

  • Well onwards and upwards in the Champions League with a game to spare – my OH’s prediction that we would leave it to the Celtic game to qualify was thankfully incorrect! My highlight of the night was seeing the Players emerge from the tunnel and immediately look for our travelling fans. Also do I detect a hint of a smile from a couple of our lads when the fans react to the Champions League anthem. I know Pep says we should stop any booing but City fans are loyal and true to themselves and can’t be hypocrites. The farcical Fernandinho sending off just adds more UEFA hurt once again!
  • Talking of the Champions League up to this season I have always done the same thing – booked a hotel room for me and OH in the City hosting the final for the night of and night before the final. I like to think I’m a good girl guide and plan ahead! So this year my plan seems to have gone completely wrong – because the final is in Cardiff I took my eye off the ball and didn’t book a hotel room – got too complacent because it’s in the UK! Big Mistake! Because of that I hadn’t really registered the date of the final and have gone and booked our summer holiday for next year for the same date June 3rd!!!!! For heaven’s sake – have you ever heard of the Champions league Final being any other time than the last weekend in May!!!!!! I suggested moving our holiday forward 1 week but that was met with a resounding NO! from OH. The glimmer of hope is that instead of our usual trip to Croatia we are planning to stay in the UK. So OH is going to travel to our destination in Northumberland regardless and I have worked out Plan B of how to travel by 3 trains, taking 5 1/2 hours, to join him on the day after the final with a hangover!
  • Another Premier League win under our belt – away on a cold, sunny Saturday in Burnley. Yes he rested key players and last year under MP that may well have spelled a disaster. Crowd were in good voice. But got to say being honest that we’re still a little dull to watch – when are the performances from the start of the season going to re-emerge?

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