Blue Moo’s Musings – a female fans view

Well I say it every time, but like many others I am so relieved to see the return of the Premiership – I know I’m like a broken record.

  • Nice to see us get an away win and the return of Yaya. I truly thought his time at City was over. His first goal was a typical Yaya goal = a volley from the edge of the box, even if it did get a deflection. He actually didn’t look bad – fitness wise.
  • So back to the Champions League tonight – can’t ever get over confident these days – I’m still waiting for Pep’s magic to work! Also my husband, who claims to be a neutral but I’ve nearly got him as a full blown blue! said the words of doom this morning. ” The way City are going about things they’ll end up so that the home game against Celtic will end up as a must win!”  Err thanks for that – but privately he’s probably right!
  • I’ll end with a bit of trivia. I loved the John Stones spoof on Soccer am about the kagoul. Click to watch.  I’ve seen him interviewed again recently by Tubes – wearing the said item. He was challenged to re-enact it with some of his mates, who I assume to be teammates for the Soccer AM Christmas special. This is something I can’t wait to see. Click to watch. My husband thinks Aguero will join in – I’m not sure about that but my money would be on Aleks Kolarov! Who would yours be on?

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Anyway thanks for reading and enjoy the games before my next post.

Elaine – Keeping the faith since 1976




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