Blue Moo’s Musings – A female fans view of Manchester City FC

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since I made a post about my beloved club. I was quite critical in my last one. I have to admit I felt a little guilty after I pressed the publish button, mostly surrounding my comments about Pep perhaps trying to discredit players e.g. Sergio Aguero.  The guilt has eased a bit since I have heard this same view being  discussed in a variety of settings by professionals and journalists alike – it made me feel that I wasn’t so crazy after all.

So here are my musings since then – I’m still bemused by how the season is panning out but hey! I’m old City and can cope with anything.

  • After my ‘theory’ that Aguero was maybe out of favour with Pep – I am pleased to note that his performance had improved in terms of distance run in a game and his tracking back. So despite my concerns my motto must be ‘In Pep We Trust’ if he can improve this great player further that would be fabulous
  • I am really impressed with Nolito – he seems to be linking up well with Sergio – in my opinion he maybe sits alongside him better than any other player. I like his fire and passion but maybe less  of the head ‘twitching’ please, but perhaps after reading some of the details of his upbringing that side of him could be a case of ‘nature versus nurture’. I also have to comment that I’m so impressed with how he keeps that shock of hair so perfect during games – he must use copious amounts of product during a season! 
  • Oh Dear Vincent – what can the matter be? – My concerns for Captain Fantastic are growing – the ongoing predicament is like the elephant in the room – whatever the real reason for not being picked or then being picked and then not completing a game is being hinted at and skirted around. I won’t even begin to speculate what’s wrong  as I don’t know him personally and have no contact with anyone who does, but I can make an observation on his behaviour. This is something I noticed last season – he seems to have totally receded into the background. In previous seasons when City was playing live and he was injured or rested, camera’s always caught a shot of him sitting watching the game – more often than not accompanied by his wife Carla. Now he’s very rarely captured on camera in his role as club Captain – the only time I’ve seen him probably in 2 seasons was at the CFA watching the Women’s team win the game they needed to secure this years championship. So in my opinion there’s something not right – I know I’m stating the obvious! – but whatever it is I hope Vinny can overcome the demons – whether they be physical or mental.
  • Finally, having had to endure another boring International break ( I have discussed my views on this in an earlier musing), I will enjoy watching England versus Spain in the friendly on Tuesday – if only to hopefully see many City players on show, not least my beloved Merlin – David Silva – anyone who knows me – appreciate that he is my favourite player of all time – I love hos style of play, skill and temperament. The complete professional.

Thank you for reading this City mad female’s views – if you want to comment I would be happy to hear from you, please don’t hesitate to comment or email me



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