Book Tour -A Brush With Death by Malcolm Parnell – a review of a good old crime novel

This is my first involvement in a Book Tour and review, so please forgive me if I make a mistake.

Saying that the book I am reviewing is the first by the author Malcom Parnell, so we’re novices together. I love crime novels – my first progression into adult fiction after my childhood love for Enid Blyton was Agatha Christie. And Then There Were None was the first adult novel I ever read. I’ve been a fan of crime and whodunnits ever since.

About the Author

I’m a nurse and I instantly feel an affinity to Malcom, as he was once a paramedic – honour amongst healthcare professionals. He now works as a first aid trainer for Brown’s Health and Safety. He also has a passion for painting which transferred into the fabric of the novel. And also like me he is an avid football fan – still basking in the achievements of his beloved Leicester City – both of us having witnessed our beloved clubs lifting the Premiership trophy – something we never thought would happen. I’m liking this man so much!  Reading the answers to his questions even revealed a shared love for dear Enid.

As crime novels go this is good and enjoyable. There is a great storyline laced with humour and just the right amount of descriptive narrative. To me there is nothing worse than too much detail which detracts from following the plot. The balance was right for me in this novel. The authors experience of working with people can be found in the behaviours of the characters.I think I may have met a few of these myself! – Steve in the quiz team for one.  Lots going on at a good pace, keeps you guessing until the end. I really enjoyed it and wish him every success on his debut.


Take a look for yourself A Brush With Death Malcolm Parnell



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