Blue Moo’s Musings -a female fans view of Manchester City FC

Well another week is over -or should I say another EVENTFUL week!

I’ve thought quite a bit since Wednesday evenings about what I think and what I want to post. To be fair I am loyal to the extreme where my club is concerned. My husband says they are the 3rd person in our marriage. People who know me know that I never get carried away with my support I will never make wild winning predictions etc. I am ‘old’ City expecting a banana skin at every turn. But that said I believe you don’t publicly criticise your team – in the same way you wouldn’t publicly criticise your partner. A loyal facade is maintained at all times.

Having said that I know I am bordering on criticism and disloyalty by some of the content of today’s post. It could be retitled Blue Moo’s Moaning’s!

  1. Barcelona – what more can I say than has been said already – far from the result and performance we would have liked. Bringing Sergio on so late was futile. However, the most frusrating thing is the big ‘What if!’ – What if we’d competed the full game with a full team.
  2. Now this is where the critical comments start. I was so excited when Pep Guardiola was announced as our manager – part of that was that we had got ‘one over’ on our cross town rivals! Ecstatic wasn’t the word. However, I’m probably one of many who area little bemused by what’s happening. I will have to cling on to the faith that he truly is a Messiah and he can achieve the same greatness here that her has overseas. However, I do not want that greatness to come at the cost of a total rethink of the ethos and heart of my glorious football club. I support this club for the humour, warmth and loyalty to fans and ex players alike. I am becoming very uncomfortable at the ruthlessness shown by Pep. I could understand the transfer of Joe Hart – there were flaws in his play, poor distribution and not catching balls – punching them out to the opposition. But the rumours of rifts and a plan to transfer out Sergio at this time is incomprehensible to me. He is the best striker in the premiership and probably the best striker to ever wear a City shirt. Yes, he does take a dip in performance sometimes, but when he’s hot he’s awesome. There’s not a pundit, journalist or opposing fan around who would not have him in there team. To think Pep is thinking differently is unbelievable. I know that he can’t stay at City forever on sentiment alone – for the famous Aguerooooo moment! (Still brings goosebumps by the way!). And I also appreciate that some of the press reports could be malicious and out to cause trouble. However, I am beginning to feel uncomfortable that Pep is managing by divide and conquer! Get rid of the bigger names and fans favourites to become the sole big name. At this stage I also want to point out that it hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst the fans ranks that Brian Kidd is being shuffled gradually into the background – from sitting on the front row of the bench and arranging substitutions with the 4th official he’s now a lot more difficult to spot.  It’s very early days and I may be speaking totally out of turn and the wrong orrifice but we are Manchester City FC not Pep Guardiola FC! I believe Pep has been given total permission to do things his way but I fear that the lunatic could be taking over the asylum – harsh I know. Also my husband always quotes the saying- ‘Be Careful what you wish for!’ I’m now fearful that wishing for great success and this great manager may change everything I knew to something I don’t like anymore. I have been loyal through thick and thin since 1977 – I have seen joy even in the darker moments – but I do not want to support a team that is so far removed from where we came from. I do also appreciate that there is a new breed of fans who would be happy to do so – maybe then it will be time to hand the supporters reins solely over to them.
  3. I am writing this point after returning from The Etihad for the game today. Another frustrating afternoon! It truly was a game of two halves  and that wasn’t just the crowd! The stadium was eerily quiet and flat after we had conceded after another mistake in defence. The way we started the season I think we expected to be flying by now but instead we’re now a nervous crowd waiting for the mistake to happen. We almost seem to be going backwards from the hard work instilled to the title winning team of 2012 – make your self hard to be beaten and build from that. Taking that season statistics in mind – it proves that goal difference can make all the difference at the end. I think the fans find all these leaked goals hard to stomach. As well as the crowd being nervous the players also look nervous. One of the guys who sits behind me regularly in the stadium spoke the thoughts that had gone through my mind only minutes before. The players look to be scared of Pep – constantly looking across to the touchline for instructions. They are constantly being instructed where to stand and run – is there a fear factor evolving?? The quality of play in the second half was far better – more pace instead of the slow sedentary build up of the first half. The goals didn’t come though and we were all left nervous again- clinging on the the result of the draw.
  4. Now I’m going to end on what I think is a lighter note and an alternative explanation for 3 of the 4 previous results! I am such a superstitious fan – I need the same routines and rituals before games – I can almost have a meltdown if something changes – here are some of the things I do or actions I think are important and what happened match by match!
    • I have to see the team come out of the tunnel I feel it’s a bad omen if I don’t- even if watching on TV. For the Spurs game my OH was in control of the remote and by the time he switched to the game the team were on the pitch! Serious unhappiness from me- we lost!
    • I attend with 3 other family members – we are seated in pairs in neighbouring blocks – I sit with my sister in law – she always passes through the turnstile first – against Everton I got distracted and entered the ground first! We struggled and missed 2 penalties – last time this happened we were beaten by Liverpool 4-1 in November 2015.
    • After the toss City always kick towards the South Stand in the first half – It is very rare we start differently – I’m certain we lost the last time this happened but I cannot remember the opponents. Today I was horrified to see we were kicking towards the North Stand in the first half – OK we didn’t lose but it wasn’t pretty! Therefore my alternative suggestion for the drop in form is that my superstitions and outer forces were to blame!!
  5. Anyway Onwards & upwards I’m sure all will come good in the end! City til I Die 

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