Help! I have too many possessions – I seem to spend my life decluttering

For most of my life I have owned too many possessions for my needs. My mother was a hoarder so I suppose it’s in my gene’s.

When I retired last year and was also planning a house move I seriously decluttered clothes, shoes, handbags , even my collection of old greetings cards. I took bag after bag to the various charity shops in the area. I even folded all my drawers using the KonMari method. If you have never seen anything by Marie Kondo and you want a tidy home then I really suggest you do. There is oodles of articles, demonstrations and photographs on the internet and Youtube

However my wardrobes and draws are cluttered again, I have to admit to owning around 50 pairs of shoes, 20 plus handbags, oodles of make up and loads of clothes. Time for another serious declutter. So today I tackled a double wardrobe. It was a surprise even to me what I found. I appear to buy multiple items that are similar e.g. black jackets. I’m ashamed to say that there was quite a few items that still had labels on and that I’d forgotten that I’d purchased. I am really embarrassed to say that I even found 2 of the same Wallis jumpsuits!

So 2 hours later after trying on, sorting out and clearing out I was left with 3 collections of clothes.

The first were hung up in my wardrobe – I sorted all my jackets together, tops, dresses etc.

The second was a huge pile for the charity shops.

The third lot were all photographed and listed on ebay.

After all I am retired and need to be a bit more frugal – any funds I make will go in the pot towards my next round of shopping! Although I have calmed down a bit and when I see something I like  I ask myself 2 do you have something similar?” and if the answer is yes I leave it.

I always find that a thorough de-cluttering session is very therapeutic and satisfying.

What are your tips for stopping the clutter? or like me are you prone to letting things get untidy and built up before you take action?

Please comment or contact me – I love hearing from you.


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