Blue Moo’s Monday Musings – what I’ve learned about Manchester City this week -a female fans view

1) The Pep revolution rolls on – I am ‘old City’ when there was a banana skin at every corner. With that in mind I naturally approached this new era with trepidation – what if Pep comes to us & it all goes horribly wrong? Well what can I say – no-one is more shocked and surprised than me at how well it has all gone! I’m living in dreamland! The guy truly is a genius – and with a sense of humour that all Could fans can relate too! Long may it last!

2) This new start and era truly means that every player has the freedom and confidence to get forward at every opportunity – this is emphasised by the fact that Girl Clichy scored this week. Great to see. Clichy is a player who performs week in and week out without any real glory.

3) In the early days of the great Sheikh Mansour’s takeover City have been accused of ruining football by ‘buying’ success. With this in mind I am so proud to see Manchester City Women win the Women’s Super League today with games to spare. The Abu Dhabi Group are reinvesting in the glorious game. We have 3 other affiliate teams around the world and have invested in the emerging Women’s Football movement. Plus an ever growing academy with top class facilities. This is fabulous to see – giving something back to the future of the game. To all my friends who support Manchester United my question is – you’ve boasted about being the richest club in the world for years – what has your club done for the game in terms of reinvestment?????

4) Injuries are the downside of the game – we wait with baited breath for news about Vincent Company and Kevin de Bruyne – indications are that Ginger Kev, as he is affectionately known by the fans,  may be missing for a few weeks, maybe four. The news about Vincent is so quiet that I’m beginning to fear the worse for our Captain Fantastic.


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