Blue Moo’s musings 3 things I’ve learned about Manchester City this week

Well we’re 1 week into the season and it’s very early days but here are 3 things I’ve learned this past week:

  1. There is already a big change in the set up and approach to games under Pep Guardiola. The play is positive, always looking to move forward. An awful lot less of last seasons slow, sedentary, backward passing play. The team are still settling into this and I am certain there is plenty more to come!
  2. Joe Hart looks a certainty to leave the club. I have very mixed feelings about this, he’s been a loyal servant to the club and has expressed and voiced his love for the club time and time again. There is often no reward for loyalty, I have experienced that on a personal level during my career so I can empathise with some of the emotions he is feeling right now. However, I can see where his limitations lie and I myself have criticised his distribution on many occasions. Without any stats I’ve always said that at least 50% of his goal kicks end up with a player from the opposing team. There is no doubt though that he has benefited greatly from playing for the club both financially and as a player. I wish him very well wherever the next phase takes him, he will always have a special place in the hearts of the fans.
  3. There is an irritating part of the pre-match security process that remains from previous seasons. Now this is something that grates with me intensely! I fully appreciate all the searching of bags and supporters that takes place. What I find crazy is that any supporters who have a drink of juice, bring water or juice in their bag have it confiscated. There are bottles all lying on the security benches at the entrance of each turnstile. I fail to see the logic behind this – if people are bringing children, or they have coughs, or even are diabetics and need a supply of sugar why can they not be taken into the stadium. The cost of buying inside is extortionate and fans pay enough particularly parents. The answer will probably be given that it is a security and safety issue – they can be used as a missile to throw – hence why when you do purchase a bottle inside you are treated like a child and the cap is taken off and confiscated. My counter argument to this is that if a supporter brings a thermos flask with hot contents , tea, coffee, soup that can gladly be taken in. So my question is which is the greater danger a plastic bottle with a cold content or a heavy flask with boiling hot contents??? I cannot fathom this out – anyone knows the answer or reasoning please let me know.

  Life’s simple pleasures – A day at the seaside – Llandudno

Llandudno Pier

I haven’t really posted yet about my travels – John and I have enjoyed several holidays and short breaks a year over the past 16 years. However, after our recent holiday in Croatia we feel that we may wish to take a break from frequent overseas travel at the moment – we are all suitcased out! Winter sun holiday excepted.

There are still many places in the UK that we still haven’t visited. The beauty of my free time in retirement is the opportunity to take short breaks. John has reduced his hours too and works 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday now creating a better work life balance. This has afforded us the opportunity to plan activities on our newly created Freedom Fridays!

Freedom Fridays

Last Friday we booked a night in Llandudno, Wales being top of our wishlist following the fabulous performance of their National Team in Euro 2016. I have to admit that I often find myself booking hotels online after a couple of glasses of wine and I have embarrassingly been known to book the wrong dates before now. Not sure I should admit this publicly but hey – it’s out there now! Anyway I’m glad to say that this booking was a total success. I booked into the Llandudno Bay Hotel for the one night. I know this is a very short break but one of these a month is good for the soul. I hadn’t researched hotels like I usually do without wine on board – this booking was originally made for the night of the Euro 2016 final in case Wales made it! We then transferred it to this new date. The hotel was described as a boutique hotel. We discovered during our stay that it had been open about a year located directly on the sea front with a terrace outside. The interior decor was fabulous, lush curtains and upholstery. I loved it especially the public areas. We ate dinner in the restaurant, it wasn’t cheap but the food was delicious and the service was excellent, there was the added extras of an amuse bouche and a palate cleanser.

Dinner at The Llandudno Bay Hotel

As for Llandudno itself, I really enjoyed my day there. It’s an Edwardian seaside resort retaining many of its original features. There’s even a Punch and Judy show. We strolled  along the sea front and down the Pier, with an obligatory ice cream of course. It brought back happy memories of my childhood holidays with friends and family.  We made our way to the cable car with a view to riding up to the top of the Great Orme, however it was 3.30 when we reached it and the last car from the top was at 4pm. You can walk down but I hadn’t done my homework and was unsure of the time it would take to walk down. Therefore we didn’t go up the Orme but will make sure we visit again to do so.

Llandudno seafront

My tag line is seeing life from a new perspective and I truly do see things differently now I have more time. I really see the things around me and take pleasure in little things. I have visited Las Vegas 4 times and love the bright lights, glitz and glamour but I get the same thrill from a day like this. Recalling the aforesaid childhood memories of the seaside, feeling the sun and breeze on my face, eating an ice cream, looking at the cheesy rides and stalls on the Pier. I hope to have more days like this – simple pleasures.
Do you have  a favourite place to visit in the UK? Or a favourite hotel? any suggestions or inspiration gratefully received to help us plan further days out for Freedom Fridays

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