Nice nails at last – The Pleasure of Retirement – Learning to love your nails again

As a nurse for so many years the one thing I have longed for is beautifully polished and manicured nails.

Whenever I had a social gathering with my non nursing friends I had real nail (and hand) envy. There was no chapped, cracked skin and short peeling nails for them.  The antiseptic hand washes and in recent years alcohol hand rubs have always played havoc with me. I have had allergies and sensitivities to many of these. Handcream was my best friend but some of these were much better than others. When the skin on my hands was at it’s worst I used to dread introductions where a handshake was required – didn’t want my greeter to think that I was a slovenly piece who neglected myself or worked in a quarry!

Now I work reduced hours I have long enough periods away from work to enable me to have a gel polish applied. Absolute bliss!

Well – it should be but my polish always chips somewhere between day 4 and 7. It doesn’t matter which salon or nail technician I visit. Very frustrating. I’d be grateful if anyone had an answer to why this happens.

If I don’t have time between shifts to have a gel polish applied I like to have a home manicure. If I’m being honest I’m a little addicted to nail polishes – but I constantly buy similar shades by different manufacturers. When I’m working I always use OPI Nail Envy – since a colleague told me about this it is a beauty product I could not be without. My nails are so much stronger after using it. In a recent purchase from QVC I have been introduced to their latest Bubble Gum Nail Envy – a delightful soft shade of pink, great for mature nails that not always as white and bright as they used to be.  I also love their shade Is this Star Taken? This is on my toes at the moment. Whilst talking about nail polishes I must mention my absolute favourite manufacturer – that is Leighton Denny – his polishes are absolute liquid heaven – so smooth and glossy to use. His glitter polishes are beautiful and easier to remove than those by OPI.

As for hand creams – when my hands were sensitive to hospital products my go to repair product was Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream – never failed to heal. Currently now that my hands have desensitised I can use a variety of products – in fact every handbag and every drawer in my house contains a pot or tube. I feel I’ve finally entered the realms of womanhood – one that non  nurses maybe take for granted.



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